- Derby Surgery - Teaching safe surgery in the era of laparoscopy & robotics
- Derby Surgery - Teaching safe surgery in the era of laparoscopy & robotics


Develop the technical skills for safe, reproducible, excellent results in laparoscopic surgery




View videos of common laparoscopic procedures & identify habits of safe surgery




Test your knowledge of safe laparoscopic surgery



Welcome to DerbySurgery.co.uk

Welcome to our website dedicated to teaching safe laparoscopic surgery.

Have a look around, pick up a few ideas & try out our quiz. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Our aim is to develop video content to aid teaching of safe laparoscopic techniques used in keyhole & robotic surgery. A guide to Laparoscopic Suturing can be found in our video section. A YouTube subscription is required to view this content, which forms part of our face to face Laparoscopic Training Courses.

Click on the links to see examples of safe surgery & take our quiz

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